About the Artist

DBC Records History

My company has been around for 10 years, but i have been singing all my life, rapping for the last 10 years. When rap got really hot I fell in love with it. I write and produce all my music. I have met celine dion, donnie simpson of bet and I have talk to Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis who use to produce Janet Jackson music. I have been sending out music for 15 years atleast, I have not had that smash hit yet. But I am still excited about the music, I have proformed at wedding. Wrote songs for wedding, I done a few shows always ready.

Highlights and Motivation

Life is a great motivator, people I love. There is nothing better than watching people live there life and the mistakes we all make which inspires me, to write all types of songs sorrow, pain, angry and of course love songs. The song I wrote about Princess Dianna I wrote in 15 minutes she truly inspired me. She is one person that the world misses. My 9-11 song was inspired by saddness and sorrow and the love for our country.